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The Grand Per Month blog is one that we hope will be informative, inspirational, and will allow you to make extra money each month that could change you life.  It is the collaborative effort of 3 personal financial bloggers who have been able to make their own extra income in order to pay off debt and enhance their lives.  Let’s meet them:

JT, the administrator of Grand Per Month, runs his own personal finance blog at Cash Flow Mantra.  The husband and father of 6 started blogging as a hobby and really enjoys being able to share his knowledge and experience with others.

Melissa, a mom to three little ones (ages 7, 3 and 1), blogs at Mom’s Plans where she writes about paying down debt, living a fulfilling life on less, cutting expenses, budgeting, saving money and once a month cooking.  She is also a virtual assistant and freelance writer.

Always fascinated with money and entrepreneurship, Derek decided to start a personal finance blogin late 2010. He had heard that there was money to be made online, but was skeptical that any income would result from his new venture.

After only a year of consistent writing on his blog, Derek had earned over $7,000 and was excited about the various money-making opportunities that were available online! With the extra income, Derek hopes to pay off his mortgage in less than 4 years, and then he’ll begin his real estate empire (and write about it all no doubt)!