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101 Ways to Make Extra Money In Your Spare Time by Jackie Beck – A Review

Sometimes you have the motivation and drive to work extra to make a grand per month in your spare time, but what you’re missing is a good idea.  Maybe you’ve tried a few different ideas, and they didn’t take off or they required too much work.  Just because you’ve tried a few ideas that weren’t successful, don’t give up.  You simply haven’t come upon the right idea yet.

If you want a jump start on ideas, Jackie Beck’s 101 Ways to Make Extra Money In Your Spare Time may be just the book for you.

What’s To Like About This Book

This book is short and is a quick read.  You could read it in an hour or two and start working on a way to make money the same day.

There are plenty of ideas here for everyone.  Beck offers ideas for individuals from all walks of life with all types of experience and knowledge.  She even offers some unusual ideas that you may not think of on your own like selling prepackaged muffins to office workers and creating bulletin boards for teachers.

What You Might Dislike about the Book

Overall, the book serves as an excellent spring board for generating ideas about ways to make money.  However, some might feel that not enough details are given about each job, specifically about how to get started.

For instance, one suggested job is to sell bottled water, soft drinks, or packaged snacks at local activities.  There are only two sentences given about this way to earn extra money, but I imagine this one could be a bit tricky.  Who has to give you approval to do this?  What steps do you have to take?

If each of the jobs included more details about how to secure the jobs as well as what steps you have to take for each job, this book would be even more useful.

Is This Book Right for You?

If you want to make a grand per month and haven’t come up with a good idea or need a fresh supply of ideas, this ebook will likely fill your needs.  At $4.99 on Kindle, it’s well worth the money.  (Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still get it on your computer by downloading the software Amazon offers to read ebooks without a Kindle.)


While some ideas are predictable, such as writing blog posts for bloggers or becoming a virtual assistant, there are many creative and unique ideas that you may not have thought of.

However, once you hit on a good idea, this ebook offers only a few suggestions about how to find the job; mostly you’re on your own with finding and implementing the idea.

Still, you’ll find many creative ideas that you may be able to offer in conjunction with one another, like writing blog posts and being a virtual assistant or walking dogs and being a pet sitter.  Keep in mind, especially in the beginning, you may best be able to make a grand per month by doing several different side jobs during the month.  As your business grows, you can narrow down your services and specialize in the one you enjoy the most that also makes you the most money.

This post is from Melissa who blogs at Mom’s Plans.

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4 comments to 101 Ways to Make Extra Money In Your Spare Time by Jackie Beck – A Review

  • So, you can get incredibly rich out of inventing, and every invention starts with an idea. But – understand this – an idea isn’t at all the same thing as an invention! Anyone can have ideas – ideas are the cheapest things an inventor has! Good inventors can come up with twenty great ideas a day! (How do they do it? I’ll tell you about that in a moment!) But you can’t get rich out of an idea alone – nobody buys ideas, and nobody even backs them. An idea has no commercial value whatever! If you want to make money from your idea, you have to grow it, develop it into something more.
    Guadalupe Prince recently posted..No last blog posts to return.My Profile

  • I plan to buy this book, I read it has very good reviews
    Petr Bednarik@niche profit classroom recently posted..How to Start a Membership SiteMy Profile

  • From what you have describe, it sounds too vague if it doesn’t describe how to jump start some businesses if you want too. But it might be a good read and help me get ideas t o earn extra money.

  • What a laugh fest! I loved them all, but agree, a couple really could make some money with the right marketing! I have actually had quite a few ideas, luckily my wife is good at making sure I don’t throw away any money on something I haven’t fully thought through. Actually I recently came up with an EXcellent idea, and I am sure it would go over great, but then again….
    Vera Avila recently posted..No last blog posts to return.My Profile